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Mediation is usually undertaken to resolve a dispute. A neutral professional, the mediator, assists because the persons involved have been unable or unwilling to resolve their dispute on their own.

Mediation is often chosen by parties because it allows them to create their own solution(s), in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Generally, the process of mediation (one or more meetings) is one of negotiation. The goal in mediation is usually to achieve an agreement settling the matters in dispute.


Facilitation usually involves a group who is not so much in dispute as in a state of potential dispute. Often there is tension between viewpoints and sometimes there are interpersonal or other relationship difficulties.

A facilitator is called upon to help support constructive dialogue and discussion within the group in order to create a harmony of viewpoint.

The goal of facilitation sessions is to achieve a better understanding to make sense of what has occurred, avoid future disputes and possibly pave the way for a future detailed agreement or action plan.

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Mindful Mediation offers a wide range of services to fit your needs

Divorce & Family Matters Mediations

Focuses on you negotiating in an open and respectful way to plan your present and build your future by child-related and property issues that arise during changing relationships.

Business Mediation & Facilitation

Employs tailored dialogues and interactions to identifying conflicts or potential discord and constructive creative solutions to help restore office moral and increase business productivity.

Education Mediation

Undertake dialogue to rebuild communication and understanding to address conflict at your school and help shift the focus back to learning and teaching.

community Mediation & Facilitation

Engage to explore known or potential conflicts within your community though group mediation, restorative justice practices or various conflict resolution models to identify possible avenues and implement action plans.

Estate Mediation

Initiate new communication and listening opportunities to explore alternative solutions so that you can gain closure and retain more of the wealth your loved ones left behind.